June 27, 2018 Media

Kelly Smith: a new voice in state government

Kelly Smith never planned to run for public office, increasing concern over Frankfort’s war on education over the past two years made her realize that new voices are needed in state government.

Smith is running for the state’s 89th House District which includes Jackson County and parts of Madison and Laurel counties.

Watching educators throughout the state step up to run for office has inspired her to give back to her community in a different way, and she is excited to be running as the Democratic candidate.

As a librarian at Eastern Kentucky University since 2004, ensuring that students and other researchers have access to the information they need and help to evaluate those resources has been Kelly’s career and calling.

As a common-sense progressive who believes that our tax dollars should be in service to the public good, Smith will fight to stop the current practice of cutting public services that benefit everyone, while handing out tax breaks to the wealthy and connected.

Smith’s campaign platform includes

  • Stabilize and preserve the state pension system by finding funding through the elimination of tax loopholes for the wealthy rather than by cutting services and benefits to families;
  • Restore funding for PreK-12 and higher education and ensure that private charter schools don’t divert money from public schools;
  • Reverse cuts to healthcare;
  • Ensure that Kentuckians in rural areas have equal access to services such as broadband and transportation;
  • Roll back right to work laws that harmed workers and communities;
  • Diversify economic development opportunities by empowering local business owners rather than incentivizing out-of-state companies.

Smith is a mother, academic librarian, community volunteer, and 16-year resident of Madison County. Her husband of 24 years, Jeffrey Richey, teaches Religion and Asian Studies at Berea College.

For more information about Smith’s campaign, visit her website, Facebook page, follow her on Twitter or contact her campaign by email.