June 22, 2018 Media

Kingsley knows Appalachia’s strengths, struggles

After working for almost a decade in Legal Aid in Kentucky’s Appalachian region, Stefanie Kingsley learned the strengths and struggles of eastern Kentucky communities.

Kingsley is running for the state’s 82nd House District representing Whitley County and part of Laurel County.

As a consumer rights attorney, Kingsley has experience advocating for everyday Kentuckians for more than a decade.

She owns a small law practice on Main Street in Corbin, where she works to help the people of eastern Kentucky achieve financial security.

For the better part of a decade, Kingsley worked in Legal Aid in Appalachia, serving the most vulnerable community members. It was here that she learned the strengths and struggles of our eastern Kentucky communities in the heart of Appalachia.

“Economic issues remain the focus of our campaign in the 82nd. Our district needs to promote policies that bring good paying jobs to our community that can support a family,” Kingsley said. “We need less industry coming in taking advantage of workers desperate for work, so they offer depressed wages because they can.”

Kingsley’s Republican incumbent opponent didn’t vote against bills devastating public education and working-class families including the sewage pension bill, right-to-work for less, repealing prevailing wage or establishing charter schools in Kentucky.

Stefanie is a strong supporter of public education. She believes that keeping education funding levels at crisis-low levels does not mean you are continuing to fully fund education.

“In order to fund all the education programs, higher education and pensions for all public employees we must turn our upside-down tax system right side up,” Kingsley said. “We must reverse the flat tax that gives away $500 million in taxes to the richest 5 percent of Kentuckians, and generates revenue in ways that are burdening the shrinking middle class.”

Kingsley lives on a small mountain farm in Williamsburg with her husband Fred, their four dogs, and 22 chickens.

She serves on the Baptist Health Corbin Foundation Board, Whitley County Farmers’ Market Committee, and as a member of the Emerge Kentucky Board of Directors.  Stefanie is a graduate of the 2017 Emerge Kentucky Class.

Kingsley’s honored to run for state representative in the 82nd District and for the opportunity to advocate for individuals and families in Whitley and Laurel counties.

“We need public servants in our government who don’t forget the people that elected them to that seat of honor, who are willing to buckle in and do the hard work of governing.”

For more information about Kingsley visit her website, Facebook page or follow her on Twitter.