June 19, 2018 Media

LaToya Drake : The change needed in Frankfort

LaToya Drake was sick of being represented by people who were disconnected from the struggles of hardworking people like herself.

She’s running for the state’s 23rd House District encompassing part of Warren and all of Barren County.

Drake embodies all the qualities of a future leader in Kentucky’s Legislature.

“I am running for state representative because it is important to me to protect and strengthen resources, like public education, that made many successes in my life possible,” Drake said. “Additionally, I would like to be an example for young people from all backgrounds to get active in their communities and be the change.”

Drake is a nutrition educator and consultant employed full-time at Barren County Middle School as a nutrition liaison focusing on farm-to-school initiatives.

And although she’s currently obtaining her master’s degree in integrative and functional nutrition, Drake’s service-focused career path did not begin in food and nutrition.

She earned her undergraduate degree in sociology from the University of Louisville and began her journey in the field of service-work.

She’s had a variety of titles in her decade-plus career including, residential counselor, dependency case manager, substance abuse counselor and service coordinator.

Her passion for wellness, food and gardening have fueled her personal growth and career development.

Like so many Kentuckians, Drake is ready to see new faces in Frankfort to represent so many who underrepresented and underserved.

“I’m sick of being represented by leadership that seems disconnected from the struggles of hardworking people like myself,” Drake said. “I feel that individuals from all backgrounds deserve a say in how policies affect their futures. I would like to be the voice of working people in my community.”

Drake was one of 60 candidates endorsed by Run for Something in April. Run for Something was founded in 2017 and recruits and supports young, diverse progressives for down-ballot races to build a bench for the future.

“I’m particularly proud of this endorsement because it shows I’m part of a massive shift of political power,” Drake said. “Citizens are involved, citizens are voting and therefore, citizens are winning. More diverse candidates mean more voices are working for the interests of all people.”

For more information about Drake’s campaign visit her website, Facebook page, Instagram page or follow her on Twitter.