June 20, 2018 Media

Lindon will bring opportunity to eastern Kentucky

Craig Lindon, a lifelong Democrat, was born and raised in Hazel Green, Kentucky.

He’s running for the state’s 97th House District representing Johnson, Morgan and Wolfe counties.

Unlike his Republican opponent who spent more time talking about his pet rock on the floor of Kentucky’s House of Representatives instead of the impact of anti-Kentuckian legislation on working families, Lindon embodies the working class will stand against the legislation impacting so many Kentucky families.

As a graduate of Wolfe County High School, he has spent his entire life in the 97th District. Upon graduation, Lindon began working for the Kentucky Transportation Department where he spent 23 years and retired in July 2017.

As a retired state employee, he has first-hand experience with the pension system, the struggles facing our public workforce and the illegal sewage pension bill’s impact on our state and local economies.

Simply put, Lindon is willing to stand up for the people of the 97th District.

“If you have someone that understands things, you can get things done,” Lindon said.

Lindon believes that 21st-century infrastructure, like high-speed internet and reliable cell phone services, can only benefit the people of eastern Kentucky where opportunity means more jobs and a better quality of life.

“Infrastructure creates jobs and helps to build a strong long-term job market,” Lindon said.

As a member of the Cox Masonic Lodge, a member of the Hazel Green Christian Church and a former member of the transportation committee for the Kentucky River Area Development District, Lindon has been a very active member of the community.

The Kentucky state AFL-CIO’s Committee on Political Action has endorsed Lindon’s candidacy for his “support of Kentucky’s hard-working men and women,” his support of Kentucky’s AFL-CIO and “its affiliated unions.”

Craig Lindon and his wife Jenny were married March of 2018. They have three children and live in Campton.

For more information about Lindon’s campaign visit his website, contact him by email, visit his  Facebook page or follow him on Twitter.