June 25, 2018 Media

Minter takes commitment to community to Capitol

Patti Minter is ready to take her commitment to community, teaching and advocacy to the Capitol.

Minter is running for the state’s 20th House District representing part of Warren County.

Two decades ago, Minter started teaching history at Western Kentucky University. She was the first chair of the WKU University Senate, served for seven years as the faculty regent on WKU Board of Regents and is the chair of the Faculty Welfare Committee.

Minter also serves as the secretary of the board of directors for the ACLU of Kentucky, where she fights for the constitutional rights and liberties guaranteed to us all.

But her upbringing and experiences make Minter highly qualified to represent the 20th District.

As a child, Minter worked on her family farm understanding the hard work and challenges facing the agriculture community. Her father raises beef cattle and field crops there still today. Her mother was a teacher and her grandmother began her teaching career in a one-room schoolhouse.

As a teen, Minter worked at a local fast food restaurant alongside folks who were struggling to just get by on minimum wage. These experiences taught Minter public service is not about one person — it’s about all of us.

“I’m running for the Kentucky House because I believe the people of the 20th District deserve a representative who will fight for them and their families every day,” Minter said. “I’m a mom and an educator who is ready to take a lifetime of commitment in teaching, advocacy, and community service to the Capitol.”

Like so many Democratic candidates who are educators, Minter knows personally what’s at stake with the November elections.

“I believe education is the lifeblood of the commonwealth and deserves to be fully funded,” Minter said. “I have stood up for and will continue to stand up for public workers. And I will work hard to bring more jobs that pay living wages to Kentucky.”

State government, according to Minter, should make “life easier for working families, not harder. But, unfortunately, our state’s leaders have recently been doing the exact opposite.”

Minter will be the fresh voice in Frankfort, committed to fighting for the people of the 20th District and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, because “you deserve nothing less.”

For more information about Minter, visit her website, Facebook page, Instagram page or follow her on Twitter.