February 12, 2021 Media

New Poll Shows Majority of Kentuckians Support Gov. Beshear

A new poll from Mason Dixon shows strong continued support for Gov. Beshear, with 55 percent of Kentuckians approving of his job performance.

The poll shows Gov. Beshear’s support is strong all over the state, with 50 percent or higher approval in 4 of the 5 regions the poll was broken into. Both men and women give the Governor 50 percent or higher support, as well as those under 50 and those above 50.

Compared with other statewide officials the poll surveyed, Governor Beshear has the highest approval and lowest disapproval of any statewide elected official in Kentucky. The Governor’s 55 percent approval is better than both Senator Rand Paul (53 percent) and Senator Mitch McConnell (41 percent). His disapproval rating is also lower, a full 8 points below Paul’s.

Additionally, the poll shows Paul with only a six point lead over a generic Democratic candidate in 2022 and under the desired 50 percent mark in a head-to-head match-up — potential trouble for the senator.

This poll was conducted from Feb. 1 through 4. The margin for error is 4 percentage points.