June 5, 2018 Media

Not sitting on the sideline: Clemons-Combs runs for Senate seat

Paula Clemons-Combs has stepped forward to run for the state’s 30th Senate District which covers Bell, Breathitt, Johnson, Leslie, Magoffin, and Perry counties.

The issues surrounding public schools was the “last straw” for Clemons-Combs. She decided to put her name on the ballot as an active, engaged Democrat — ready to represent the people of her district.

With labor unions under attack, the promotion of charter schools, and pension reform by the majority party, Paula decided she had to stand up.

“Bevin’s pension reform was hidden in the sewage bill as an amendment.  Actually, this pension plan will cost taxpayers more in the long run,” Clemons-Combs said. “Public employee pensions are a promise, an inviolable contract for state employees. The Republicans leaders in Frankfort are disconnected from working people. They’re not considering people and their needs.”

Clemons-Combs supports Attorney General Andy Beshear in his lawsuit against the pension bill because he is standing up for the people of the Commonwealth. “You can’t play with lives that way,” Clemons-Combs said. “You can’t change an inviolable contract midstream and disregard those whom you supposedly represent.”

Paula is a graduate of Morehead State University with a bachelor’s in English and French with a master’s in education. She is married and has three children.

For more information on Clemons-Combs visit her website , Facebook page or follow her on Twitter.