June 25, 2018 Media

Parks will lead without labels

Jesse Parks isn’t interested in labels from the right or from the left. He’s interested in the cities, towns and the state he hopes to represent.

Parks is running for the state’s 60th House District which represents part of Boone County.

“I will work with anyone and everyone to help move Kentucky forward,” Parks said.  “ I’m not interested in labels from the Left and Right, I’m Interested in District 60’s cities and towns, Kentucky, and our children’s education safety and their future.”

Parks is the proud father of his seven-year-old daughter, Camryn, who has attended New Haven Elementary in Boone County for three. He has been an active parent volunteer while enjoying every minute he spends in our fine elementary school.

Jake Sweeney Auto Group has been his employer for 16 years. For the past four years at the Florence dealership, he has been the senior sales manager.

“I believe involvement in the political process is public service. I believe politics is global, national, and local. I believe politics is personal,” Parks said. “I believe in economic, social, and racial justice and in safe and healthy communities.”

Parks campaign is about fighting for our children’s future.

“It is more obvious than ever that our current representative does not value public education.  I do. I went to public schools. My daughter goes to New Haven Elementary here in Boone County,” Parks said. “These schools are the bedrock of our future as a state, a country, and a civilization. If we choose to minimize our investment in education, we choose to minimize the chance at a bright future for our children.”

State government should support the educational goals of its citizens and the prosperity of the middle class, according to Parks.

He believes state government needs to address wage stagnation and help workers whose jobs have changed or disappeared due to circumstances beyond their control.

“Government can help control the transition to other work or in new industries,” Parks said. “Kentucky has made strides in building alternative energy industries, and I believe that the state should continue in that direction.”

He has been endorsed by I.B.E.W. Local 212, Kentucky State AFL-CIO, KY State United Auto Workers, KY State Building & Construction Trades Council, Teamsters Local Union 89 and Teamsters Joint Council 94.

For more information about Parks’ campaign, visit his website, Facebook page or contact him by email at votejesseparks@gmail.com.