Part-time GOP Legislators Vote Themselves a Pay Bump After Refusing to Give Teachers a Raise

FRANKFORT, Ky. (March 4, 2022) – The Republican majority in the Kentucky General Assembly, some of whom make almost $98,000 a year for their part-time jobs, voted to give themselves a pay raise Friday while refusing to ensure our teachers and school support staff receive a raise.

“While Gov. Beshear is trying to ensure our teachers get a raise – the Republican majority is putting more money in their own pockets,” said Chair Colmon Elridge of the Kentucky Democratic Party. “This is disgraceful and unconscionable, but shouldn’t be a shock to anyone after their years of attacks on our schools and educators who have done so much for our children and our communities. This is the clearest sign yet that Republican legislators are in Frankfort to serve themselves – not the people of Kentucky.”

House Democratic Leader Joni Jenkins tried to remove the provision that would raise legislative salaries in 2023, but Republicans either voted against it or refused to vote at all.

“I’m stunned … that we continue the assault on poor people, on working families, and we want a raise? Wow,” said Rep. Pamela Stevenson. “It doesn’t even look good that you want Kentuckians to sacrifice their lives, but you’re not willing to sacrifice for a job you asked for.”

Gov. Andy Beshear, in his historic budget, included a minimum 5% pay increase for all school employees.

Now, the Republican lawmakers who rejected raises for our educators believe they’re more worthy of a pay bump than teachers and support staff.

This comes at the end of a disgraceful week for the Republican majority in the General Assembly:

Yet another one of their members made antisemitic comments that were condemned by Jewish leaders. Rep Danny Bentley’s “bizarre, anti-Semitic rant” was the third antisemitic outburst by Republicans in eight days;
Voted against exceptions for victims of rape and incest;

Filed a bill to weaken transparency in campaign finance by having candidates file less often;
And one of their candidates in a targeted district was arrested.
All of this while they are pushing through legislation to give a $55,000 tax break to millionaires while increasing sales tax on Kentucky families, taking money out of their pockets.