June 29, 2018 Media

Payne will restore balance in House

After 30 years of service as a Knox County educator, Debra Payne decided she needed to help fix Kentucky’s state government.

Payne is running for the state’s 86th House District which includes all of Knox and part of Laurel counties.

The past year has shown Payne how much change is needed in our Legislature.

“I believe that a public servant’s life should speak for itself without having to say a word,” Payne said. “It’s more than being a good neighbor: giving a cup of sugar, lending a tool, helping pull a calf or herd cattle out of the road. It’s actions, great and small, that create an actual difference in the quality of life for others, simply because “someone needs to do it” and we are the someones who can.”

Over the last year, Payne came to the realization that she needed to try and bring about those changes.

She holds a lifetime teaching certification. Payne graduated from Cumberland College in Williamsburg with a BS in elementary education. She earned her master’s in education with an emphasis in reading from Union College in Barbourville and a degree in special needs education from Cumberland College.
Payne has various grades of students and subjects including science, creative writing, reading, health/PE, arts and math.
I believe a well-educated, healthy, well-nourished people will create the happiest, most stable and sustainable society,  economically, environmentally and emotionally that can be had. Democrat policies protect these goals,” Payne said. “We should work each day to make our lives be a blessing for someone else.
“If we aren’t looking out for each other, who will look out for us? Politicians make laws every day that will affect us for the rest of our life. We must monitor their actions.  
“I ran for office because the Republican Party has neglected to monitor who has infiltrated it to the point where it is now controlled by Tea Party Libertarians that have regard for nothing but profit. The balance needed in government is gone. We must restore it.”
For more information about Payne’s campaign and platform, visit her website, Facebook page or contact her campaign by email.