October 3, 2019 Media

PHOTO: KDP Welcomes Matt Bevin to Paducah; “Air Bevin” Pilot To Hold Him Accountable for His Secret Taxpayer-Funded Trips on State Jet

The Kentucky Democratic Party is welcoming Matt Bevin and debate attendees to the first televised gubernatorial debate of the general election in Paducah today with an “Air Bevin” pilot to service Matt Bevin’s rapidly growing list of secretive, out-of-state flights – taking him wherever and whenever he wants – on a taxpayer-funded state plane.

Matt Bevin even took a taxpayer-funded state plane to the debate in Paducah today.









This comes as Bevin is in hot water for undisclosed trips to Miami, Atlanta, Wisconsin, Chicago, Kansas City, Nashville, and Ohio and more, all while telling the taxpayers who own the plane that what he does with it is “none of their business.”





“Since Matt Bevin continues to treat state-owned jets like his personal toys and leaves taxpayers to foot the bill, we decided to greet Bevin with a familiar face in Paducah,” said Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party. “It’s long-overdue for Matt Bevin to quit hiding from Kentuckians. Bevin should show Kentucky families the respect they deserve by explaining during today’s debate when and why he’s using their state plane.”