June 25, 2018 Media

Retired educator to school Frankfort on state needs

Cathy Carter retired this year with 30 years of experience as an educator. She’s now ready to take Frankfort politicians to school.

Carter is running for the state’s 55th House District including Mercer and Washington Counties and part of Jessamine County.

Carter retired in March of this year after teaching in four school districts as a middle and high school counselor and teacher.

Her father is a retired state employee. Her mother retired as a central office employee.

After getting involved in grass organizations, it was apparent to Carter that Frankfort was broken and in desperate need of better bipartisan leadership for the state.

“The actions of the GOP Supermajority and Gov. Matt Bevin have most certainly harmed the people of my district and all Kentuckians with the passage of regressive tax policies embedded in a reckless and irresponsible political ideology designed to destroy public education, burden working Kentucky families and sabotage public service,” Carter said.

“Our democracy is under attack by special interests to purchase legislative, executive and in some cases judicial favor. I believe that our democracy is at stake, and any Kentuckian who has questioned or challenged the unethical, unconstitutional and/or illegal actions of our current state leadership has been verbally assaulted.”

When House Democratic representatives tried to get the sewage pension bill tabled — affecting 200,000 teachers, public employees and first responders — Carter’s Republican incumbent opponent, Rep. Kim King voted against the motion. Effectively, pushing the bill to a vote.

Her training as a school counselor taught Carter to challenge faulty logic and above all to uphold a standard to do no harm.

“We must lead a fight for the repeal of legislation that is harmful to the working families of this state,” Carter said, “which include working to implement tax reform that is comprehensive, progressive and equitable for all Kentuckians.”

For more information about Carter, visit her Facebook page, email her at CathyCarterKy@gmail.com or follow her on Twitter.