June 11, 2018 Media

Roberts runs to strengthen NKY region

Rachel Roberts wants to upend a system that no longer works for any of us.

She’s running for the state’s 24th Senate District encompassing Bracken, Campbell and Pendleton counties.
Roberts’ region needs a stronger and smarter economy. A region, according to Roberts, led by someone other than insider politicians in Frankfort bent on breaking our children’s schools.

She’s a successful business owner instilled with values of hard work, responsibility and honesty.

Her great-grandfather was a fireman. Her grandfather was a naval specialist and NASA engineer. Her mother graduated from Chase Law School and spent her early career working to strengthen labor relations. Roberts’ father graduated from the Kentucky Military Institute and is a county addiction/mental health specialist.

Roberts follows in their footsteps to do what’s right and serve everyday folks like you, not just the privileged few.

“I’m running for office because I am a successful small business owner who knows how to balance budgets without doing so on the backs of our working families,” Roberts said. “ I am a proud product of public schools, who knows that education is the key to moving Kentucky into the new skills economy.”

Education is the key to building a stronger Kentucky where we lift up our families, children and communities, Roberts said. She’s committed to the future of our teachers and children. Her Republican incumbent opponent has “abandoned his responsibility to our communities. I won’t.”

On the campaign trail, Roberts has spoken with thousands of concerned citizens and heard their concerns about finding new and innovative ways to drive revenue to actually fix the state’s crumbling infrastructure.

“It’s time for leadership in Frankfort that is invested in the future of our communities,” Roberts said. “ I’m running to stand alongside our teachers and our families to ensure our future as a state.”
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