June 19, 2018 Media

Schamore fights more for 10th District

A veteran, businessman, husband and father, Rep. Dean Schamore will continue providing the strong, decisive leadership that is needed to tackle Kentucky’s issues.

Schamore is for running for re-election for the state’s 10th House District encompassing part of Hancock County and all of Breckinridge and Hancock Counties.

Schamore’s priorities for the 10th District remain jobs, strong schools, agriculture, veterans, transportation, affordable higher education and safe communities.

“As a business leader, I will focus on the needs of our citizens, being responsive to their concerns, while working in a bipartisan manner to get the job done,” Schamore said.  “We must strengthen our economy and make sure our children are receiving the educational opportunities they need to compete in today’s competitive environment. I will honor and stand up for our veterans and work to strengthen our family farms.”

Schamore was elected as state representative for Kentucky’s 10th House District in November 2014. Navy veteran, businessman, husband and father are the credentials Schamore brings to service in Kentucky’s House of Representatives.  

Inspired by his mother Angela, Schamore’s service to the city of Hardinsburg serving as mayor and on the city council, Dean brings a strong sense of community spirit with him to the halls of Frankfort.

Born and raised in Kentucky, Schamore served his country in the U.S. Navy during the Gulf War, earning his education in technology and computers.

He graduated top of his class in electronics school and was assigned to the USS America CV-66 Aircraft Carrier, earning a top Department of Defense security clearance.  Following his honorable discharge in 1993, Schamore came back home to Kentucky to start his family and his business.

Schamore founded Digital Connections Plus, a very successful information technology company located in Hardinsburg in Breckinridge County.  He leads a team of 12 employees and the company’s focus is on process controls for manufacturing businesses.

While serving as CEO of the company he founded, Schamore remains a leader in the business community, serving on the Breckinridge County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and last year, he served as the organization’s president. He is also a member of the Hancock County Chamber of Commerce.

A born entrepreneur, Schamore operates additional businesses including owning and managing residential and commercial real estate properties. He purchased his family farm in 1998 to keep it in the family and understands the challenges that Kentucky’s family farmers face.

Schamore has been married to his sweetheart, Dana Powers Schamore for 23 years and the couple has two daughters Deana and Danna who both attend school in Breckinridge County.

“I am honored to serve the citizens of Breckinridge, Hancock and Hardin Counties in the Kentucky House of Representatives. Utilizing my business skills, my experience as a United States veteran, and my passion for our community, I listen and work hard for the citizens of House District 10,” Schamore said. “ As a business leader and former Chamber of Commerce president, I have created jobs and know what it takes. I will continue to be a strong voice for our counties, our schools and teachers in Frankfort.”

For more information about Schamore’s campaign visit his website, Facebook page or follow him on Twitter.