June 4, 2018 Media

Outraged by elected officials in Frankfort, Setser-Kissick runs for Senate


Paula Setser-Kissick became outraged over how Kentucky’s elected officials handled funding for public education and public employee pension reform.

It prompted her to enter the race for the state’s 12th Senate District covering part of Fayette County.

Setser-Kissick is a District Technology Resource teacher for Fayette County Public Schools.

Born in Johnson County, located close to the West Virginia border in eastern Kentucky, Setser-Kissick has made Lexington her home for the past 21 years.

Her parents are retired educators. Her mother was a high school English teacher and her father a school principal.

From them, she learned the value of hard work and the pride that comes from a job well done.

Paula will fight to protect working people and the integrity of our Democratic process and principles.

“I placed trust in my elected officials to do the right thing for the people of Lexington, for the people of Kentucky. However, I feel that trust has been betrayed,” Setser-Kissick said. “I’ve had enough. So much so, that I finally switched my party affiliation to Democrat after a lifetime as a Republican.

“Neither party is perfect, but the current Republican lawmakers in Frankfort aren’t fighting for ordinary citizens. They aren’t fighting for teachers and other public employees, for University of Kentucky staff and students, for Lexington’s factory workers. They are not fighting for our children’s future.”

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