June 12, 2018 Media

Sheri Donahue supports working families

 Sheri Donahue supports working families and she’s running to represent Kentucky’s Senate District 36 in Jefferson County.

Donahue’s father served in the U.S. Army and then as a volunteer firefighter for 23. He set a standard in the family valuing community service. Her mother was a substitute teacher  and later was an engineering technician at Naval Ordnance.

Although her family struggled, her parents served as role models in good work ethic.

Donahue has an industrial engineering degree from Purdue University and served in the Navy improving gun performance and the safety of weapons systems.

Her resume includes managing a $64-million portfolio of intelligence and intelligence-related projects for the Navy, the Department of Defense and other U.S. government agencies, merging science and technology with intelligence to provide solutions for armed forces.

Donahue believes since veterans made a tremendous commitment to serving our country and many paid the ultimate price, we have to honor them by returning the favor.

“I am a fierce advocate for veterans as well as military spouses and families and I want to work with the military community, state and federal agencies and the private sector to help more veterans find jobs, health care, education and other resources in Kentucky,” Donahue said. “As home to two major U.S. Army installations, Fort Knox and Fort Campbell, we should do more to recruit high-skilled veterans to settle in Kentucky as they transition from military service to civilian life.”

In the private sector, Donahue spent four years at Humana and in the nonprofit sector. She served as National President of InfraGard, working with the White House, FBI DHS, ATF, Secret Service and Interpol to improve America’s infrastructure protection and cybersecurity.

“I’m all about work ethic and giving back,” said Donahue. “I’m for a well-funded educational system and affordable college education. I’m for providing resources for teachers, police officers, firefighters, rescue workers that fully fund the pension promise. I’m a fierce advocate for veterans and for expanding and reinforcing the Affordable Care Act.

“I believe in justice for all, and that means preserving and promoting every Kentuckian’s civil rights,” Donahue continued. “That includes passing and enforcing laws against discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sex, age, faith as well as disability or LGBT.”

For more details about Sheri Donahue’s stance on the issues, visit her website, Facebook page or follow her on Twitter