June 4, 2018 Media

Tennyson will truly represent the people and protect public education

Julie Tennyson is running for the state Senate’s 2nd District against Republican incumbent Danny Carroll who does not represent the people in her district.

Unlike Carroll, Tennyson does not support Gov. Matt Bevin’s pension bill. She’s strongly passionate about building and enhancing education. Tennyson has two elementary school children and it is the state proposals to cut education that inspired her to run for office.

“Recent proposals to cut public education funding, if passed, will negatively impact our children’s ability to continue receiving a top quality education,” Tennyson said. “I do not support cuts to public education. My children have a great school and teachers. They need a voice to fight for them in Frankfort.”

Living in Paducah, she is a patent, trademark and copyright lawyer with a master’s degree in social work from the University of Georgia and a law degree from the University of Tennessee.

In her career, Tennyson loves helping startups and young businesses grow an interest and skill needed in Frankfort.

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