June 29, 2018 Media

Varney: teachers, farmers are viable state resource

Retired teacher Larry Varney cares about farmers and teachers; both risk losing their livelihood and we risk losing their contributions to our state.

Varney is running for the state’s 64th House District representing parts of Kenton and Campbell counties.

“I spent over two decades as a supervisor on the Campbell County Conservation District, meeting and working with farmers and other landowners,” Varney said. “I studied to become a teacher at Eastern Kentucky University, and as a result taught in both high school and adult classes for nearly 40 years.”

Varney isn’t a career politician. His background is teaching in high school and teaching computer programming to adults throughout the United States.

The current administration is wreaking havoc on our schools, teachers and workers.

And rightfully according to Varney,  as well as the health and well-being of all of us.

The first step in doing so, as many Kentuckians have realized, starts with changing the makeup of the Legislature.

Varney’s Republican incumbent opponent, Rep. Kimberly Poore Moser voted for the sewage pension bill now ruled unconstitutional in court. Moser went so far as to defend her support of the bill on the House floor — taking away pension benefits from first responders, teachers and state employees.

“The issues I care most strongly about are those involving farmers and teachers. We need to help both groups of people,” Varney said. “The plight of the dairy farmers is just one of the most obvious problems.

“As for teachers, it’s not just their pensions that are at risk — and this applies to all public employees— but the schools themselves are in dire straits. I want to help our schools survive, to improve the education of our children, and ensure that our current educators will want to continue in Kentucky, as well as attract new teachers. Under the current administration, the outlook is dismal at best.”

For more information about Varney’s campaign visit his website, Facebook page or follow him on Twitter.