June 28, 2018 Media

Kilmer will correct state’s direction

I am running for this office because I do not like the direction the “new majority” and the governor are taking this state. With attacks on education and those who are not wealthy, this is quickly becoming a state and state government for the few and elite by the few and elite.

June 28, 2018 Media

Bojanowski brings advocacy and experience

“Too many of the politicians in Frankfort only listen to other politicians or the out-of-state donors who fund their campaigns. The only voices that matter to me belong to the working men and women of the 32nd District.

June 28, 2018 Media

Renfro’s passion for people will strengthen House

I want to have an impact for the people of Kentucky in areas that matter for our future—education, health and economic well-being. I feel strongly that the future of the state depends on the outcomes of our next generation and I want what’s best for our children and our families.

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