March 19, 2019 Blog, Press Release

ICYMI: Bevin Bashes GOP Controlled General Assembly…Again.

With one final day in the 2019 legislative session, Republican Gov. Matt Bevin is once again taking aim at his own party for not kowtowing to his legislative wishes.

Speaking on WKCT in Bowling Green on Tuesday morning, Bevin bashed the Republican-controlled General Assembly.

Asked by the host about pension reform, Bevin’s suggested lawmakers lack “intestinal fortitude” and aren’t acting like “adults.”

Bevin then said there was zero chance for a special session, trashing the General Assembly for not passing anything during his hastily called special session in December and mocking them for not passing anything in the 2019 short session after setting up a pension work group.

Transcript and timestamp of Gov. Bevin’s comments below:

“We just need men and women to step up, have the intestinal fortitude and make tough decisions… If we have got to make hard decisions, this is time for adults to step up and do exactly that,” Bevin said. (5:30 mark).

“They still did nothing…. There’s no chance I’m going to pay them extra money for special session,” Bevin said. (7:00 mark)

Full Audio of Bevin