September 19, 2018 Press Release

Phil Moffett continues dog-whistle tour towards Election Day

On Wednesday, after state representative Phil Moffett tweeted his praise for accused white supremacist Everett Corley’s half-hearted “apology”, the Kentucky Democratic Party renewed calls for Moffett to clearly explain his views on diversity and racial justice to the voters of his district.  

“This man owes an explanation to the voters in his district,” said Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party. “His pattern of behavior is clear and consistent. In every instance that Moffett has had the opportunity to take a stand against racism, bigotry, and anti-black rhetoric, he instead continues his dog-whistling tour towards Election Day.”

A week ago, on September 12, 2018, after a review of Moffett’s use of social media over the last 6 years, the Kentucky Democratic Party called on Moffett to explain his history of spreading racist propaganda and use of racially-coded language on his Facebook page.

The review of Moffett’s social media accounts found that he has a history of weighing into national conversations on race in ways that provoke anti-black sentiment; and at times, shares information from sources with dangerously close ties to the White Supremacy Movement.

Moffett had remained silent on a social media this past week, until Tuesday, when Louisville Metro Police Department announced an investigation into allegations of racial profiling. Rather than praising the actions of LMPD, Moffett took to Twitter to praise Corley as “honorable.”

“The situation and timeline with the Everett Corley controversy is telling,” continued McNee. “In days following the revelations about Corley’s appearance on a white nationalist program Moffett remained silent while others spoke up loudly and clearly. And on the day that Moffett had an opportunity to oppose racial profiling and speak out against racism, he instead took to Twitter to praise a man who was forcefully denounced by his own party for racism. It’s repulsive and pathetic.”