October 3, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Why Did a Kentucky Taxpayer-Owned Jet Fly to New Jersey & West Virginia Yesterday?

The Kentucky Democratic Party is calling on Matt Bevin to explain why a taxpayer-funded state jet was flown to West Virginia and New Jersey yesterday.  According to public flight tracking, a state-owned jet flew from Kentucky to West Virginia and New Jersey on Tuesday before returning back to Kentucky.

Public flight tracking also shows that a taxpayer-funded state plane is set to fly to Paducah and land around 10:30am CT this morning, which is just ahead of today’s first televised gubernatorial debate.

Yesterday’s mysterious trip to New Jersey, along with this weekend’s unexplained flight to New Mexico, adds to a growing list of secretive getaways – most recently in Miami, Atlanta, Wisconsin, Chicago, Kansas City, Nashville, and Ohio among others – all of which Bevin has refused to come clean about and explain to the public.

On Monday, Bevin took a taxpayer-funded state plane to Hopkinsville, where he “spent “30 minutes on key themes for his re-election bid, and a campaign worker told the audience she had yard signs and bumper stickers for them.”

Last month, Bevin told taxpayers who own the state plane that it’s “none of their business” where he flies it.

“This new mysterious flight to New Jersey is another insult to Kentuckians, as Matt Bevin continues to use taxpayer-funded state planes for his own secretive, personal and private use,” said Marisa McNee, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson. “Bevin should stop hiding and immediately come clean about his state plane scandal.”