Katy Burnett
Katy Burnett has been working on campaigns for almost 10 years, from local water board races to US Senate and every seat in between. She has worked on campaigns in 17 states, with most of her work being at the state legislative level. In 2016, she was part of a team of consultants that helped flip 5 state legislatures from red to blue. While her primary work has been as a mail consultant, she has worked as a general consultant for the last three campaign cycles as well under her shop of Everblue Campaigns and has raked up multiple historical wins for women of color. She has worked as a trainer since 2012 as well, first starting out with advocacy trainings under Awake the State, then moving on to coordinate candidate trainings for Ruth’s List, which works to elect more pro-choice Florida women. She has also trained with the Progressive Congressional Change Committee, New Leader’s Institute, and the Progressive Caucus of Florida. Usually surrounded by a group of eager interns, Katy aspires to break down barriers and open up the political process for more participation in government.

Barbara Myslik
Barbara Myslik has over 10 years of experience in communication consulting. She has worked with political candidates for local and state races, Silicon Valley tech personnel, medical doctors, and university professors. Barbara has a Ph.D. in mass communication and journalism from the University of Florida. She also holds a master’s degree in Sociology from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland where she has lived before immigrating to the US. Her academic research, as well as her consulting practice, focuses on political public relations. She has worked on the mayoral, judicial, state legislative, and gubernatorial races and she is passionate about helping elect minority candidates and women of color to political positions. In addition to working for Democratic campaigns all over the country, she teaches campaigns, persuasion, and political communication classes at the University of California, Davis.

Jack Yao
Jack Yao is a veteran Democratic strategist, fundraiser and trainer. Jack founded Sustainable Change Strategies in 2018, and the firm has helped elect dozens of Democrats across the country since. He has also trained hundreds of staff and candidates for organizations such as the National Democratic Training Committee and the California Democratic Party, and serves as a contributor to publications such as Advancing Philanthropy and The Major Gifts Report.

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